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A visit from the Dignitaries at the AGRA ME Exhibition

Al Aliyo had the honor to introduce the company and products to H.E. Mohammed Mousa Alameeri from the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, UAE at the AGRA ME Exhibition 2022. 

We are delighted to have met and networked with many people and look forward to establishing long-term relations and potential collaborations. 

Al Aliyo is Proud to be featured in Gulf Agriculture Magazine

Al Aliyo got featured in the September edition of Gulf Agriculture Magazine. The company was praised for revolutionizing the fodder solution system, for sustainable livestock farming. In an excerpt taken from the article, Ms. Tarannum M. the company’s Chairperson and Managing Director stated, “Al Aliyo Hydrofarms was founded with the primary objective of combating the issues faced in the agro-industry by providing long-term solutions. Our vision is in sync with the UAE’s national agenda, which is to strengthen significant food supply chains across all strata of society on a priority basis”


Al Aliyo looks forward to forming fruitful and successful collaborations.

We had an overwhelming experience at the Al Asayl Exhibition, showcasing our fodder to VIPs, Dignitaries, Delegates and Farm Owners.

Al Aliyo had a wonderful experience at the Al Asayl Exhibition 

Proud of our successful participation in the global vertical farming Exhibition 2022

It is known that vertical farming and hydroponics are the way forward toward global food security. 
Al Aliyo Hydrofarms is proud to contribute to food security through hydroponic fodder and exotic vegetable farming. 
We are delighted to have participated in the Global Vertical Farming Exhibition 2022 and had a wonderful experience and opportunity to showcase our products and network further in order to support the UAE National Agenda of food security and sustainability. 

Pioneers of hydroponic fodder in the UAE

The UAE has proven to be a visionary nation time and again. The past 50 years stand a testimony to the changing skyline and incredible history. We have raced towards innovation while firmly holding on to our tradition and values. And we have achieved this because our rulers put our people at the core of every initiative. Al Aliyo Hydro Farms was born of one such thought process.Hydroponic is a culmination of two Greek words, ‘hydro‘ meaning water and ‘ponos‘ meaning labour. It means growing plants in water rather than inert soil. This green concept dates to the Babylonian era and has revived global interest due to an acute shortage of quality fodder production.

Hamriyah Free Zone signs agreement with Al Aliyo Hydrofarms at Gulfood 2021

Dubai: The Hamriyah Free Zone Authority has signed an investment agreement with Al Aliyo Hydrofarms, the hydroponic fodder farming industry, at Gulfood 2021.The company will be based in the Sharjah Food Park where it will rent two warehouses extending over an area of 12,000 sq. ft and is expected to commence operations in May 2021, becoming the company’s first headquarters in the regional markets.It will run the UAE’s first unique project to produce and grow organic fodder for livestock in hydroponic farms based on an innovative concept using the latest technologies in the field.

Hamriya Free Zone Authority

Tarannum Malik, Managing Director talks about the beginnings of Al Aliyo HydroFarms, a hydroponic fodder farming industry aimed to fill the need for local animal fodder instead of depending to imported ones. This idea came to her during pandemic when local farms and zoos were hard-pressed to find alternative solutions when supply was low. She stressed that the easy procedure for company formation, support of HFZA management and facilities provided like the pre-fabricated warehouses were the reasons why she decided to set up her full operations in Hamriyah Free Zone. At present, her goal is to cater to more local farms by increasing her production from 12,000 kilos to 50,000 kilos per day to meet the demand of the market.

HFZA signs investment agreement with Al Aliyo Hydrofarms at Gulfood 2021

The Hamriyah Free Zone Authority (HFZA) added another industry leader to its global base of investors after signing an investment agreement with Al Aliyo Hydrofarms, the hydroponic fodder farming industry. at Gulfood 2021. The company is now based on the first and largest integrated hub for the food industries. Sharjah Food Park warehouses, extending over an area of 12,000 sq. ft.

Al AliyoHydroFarms Embarks On Hydroponic Fodder Project In Hamriyah Free Zone With Investments Worth AED9m

Al AliyoHydroFarms, the leading hydroponic fodder in the UAE, has inaugurated two warehouses in the Sharjah Food Park with initial investments estimated at AED 9 million. The two facilities covering an area of 12,000 sq.ft. will have a daily production capacity of about 10 tons of hydroponic fodder, marking the company’s first phase of investments in the Hamriyah Free Zone after signing a lease agreement with the authority during the 26 edition of Gulfood 2021. The move comes in line with Al Aliyo’s plans to expand operations in the region to better serve its customers in the local and global markets, something which reflects Sharjah’s unique position as a global magnet for major industrial companies.

UAE-based Al Aliyo opens $2.4mn Hydroponic fodder farms in Hamriyah Free Zone

After signing a lease agreement with HFZA during the 26th edition of Gulfood 2021, the two facilities, covering 12,000 square feet, would have a daily production capacity of about 10 tons of hydroponic.Saud Salim Al Mazrouei, Director of the HFZA, inaugurated the two facilities in the presence of Tarannum Malik, CEO of Al Aliyo HydroFarms, as well as a high-profile delegation from the HFZA. Al Aliyo HydroFarms will run the UAE’s first and only initiative to produce and cultivate organic fodder for cattle in hydroponic farms, based on a novel concept and latest technology.

Aleo Hydrofarms” for the production of fodder launches its first investment in the Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah

The Hamriyah Free Zone Authority in Sharjah revealed that the agreement concluded by the authority with Aliyo Hydrofarms, which specializes in the production of feed, during the 26th edition of Gulfood 2021, culminated in the company launching the first phase of its investment in the Sharjah Food Complex.

Interview with Al Khaleej TV

Our Managing Director’s interview with Samaa Al Khaleej TV. The interview highlights the company’s objectives and vision, and how Al Aliyo contributes and supports the UAE’s vision in Food Security. Check out the full interview here and find out how more about Al Aliyo Hydro farms objectives and its success so far…