Decoding Hydroponic

Hydroponic is a culmination of two Greek words, ‘hydro’ meaning water and ‘ponos’ meaning labour. It means growing plants in water rather than inert soil. This green concept dates to the Babylonian era and has revived global interest due to an acute shortage of quality production. 

Hydroponic farming eliminates the dependency on climatic conditions, seasons, water and soil. Plant production occurs in a monitored sterile environment sans human interference. Hence, the product tends to grow faster, uses lesser water and is chemical and pesticide-free. Also, hydroponic farm produce is easier to harvest and is higher in nutritional value.


Know Us

Al Aliyo Hydrofarms, the brainchild of women from different walks of life, is on the cusp of a green revolution.

Our team of directors joined forces to offer a long-term solution to the much-neglected challenges of the agrarian industry. They had a single-minded purpose; to leave a better world behind for the generations to come. Hence, they pooled in their collective expertise and combined it with the UAE vision of becoming world leaders in innovation-driven food security.

And that is how Al Aliyo Hydro Farms came into being


We are not getting green garlic here or very rare... but once I saw your advertise on facebook I was very much eager to buy green garlic... and once l got delivered...same time I went to prepare the kathiyawadi brinjal sabji ... and the taste of sabji was like ahh...super tasty due to green garlic...there are many more dishes we can add green garlic this rare thing now we are getting here We are here in Dubai from almost 25 years but this year we got the fresh garlic not only in winter but still we are getting.

Hi! Introducing hydroponícally grown grass has been something we have been wanting to do since day one of starting our business, however finding the right partner was extremely challenging...that ís until we came across Al Aliyo Farms! Taranum form Al Aliyo supported and guided us to make it possible for us to launch UAE's first fully grown, Edible Pet Grass. Taranum is an encyclopedia when it come to hydroponic farming and the benefits of the various types of grasses they sell.

Hello! We received our order today of Spring Onions and as with your earlier deliveries of green garlic, onions are fresh and tender with great packing. Thank you very much for bringing joy from back home in form of much missed ingredients of our traditional dishes.